There’s something a little Aussie about this one

So Luke Maga found us via the guys at BMT in Stellenbosch. Thanks for the referral guys!

This is Aussie through ‘n through.

Notice the yellow sheen peeking through the green, the pearliness in the stars and the other subtle touches, the map and a smaller hopping friend all hinting of home.  We preserved the boxing Kanga on the fork which was done by Bogus Designs. They do great work there too!

As for that Union Jack on the inside of the frame. Oh boy…

It was one of those things that took so long by the end of it we were wondering what day it was, what month, who we were, what we were doing on the planet. Even one of the most asked questions on Google (apparently) – “Why are cats afraid of cucumbers?!

It’s good to have experiences like that in our lives – it helps us realise how many questions we have that are still not answered! (you can find the answer to that last question here)

While you are pondering upon that very important subject please enjoy the pics of Luke’s lean, Aussie-green, not-cucumber machine:





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