Monthly Archives: December 2017

Let’s put 2017 in our saddle bags

We’ll be diving out of this year on 22 December and rolling in for some post-holiday hellos on 3 January.

May your bikes be with you.

And then with us.

And then with you.

It’s a cycle, you see?

There’s a cycle in everything and everything’s in cycles because CYCLING is IN everything and IS cycling everything.  That’s why cycling is EVERYTHING, for some.

Perhaps you’re feeling you’ve reached the end of your tether/going a bit mad like us and can’t wait to escape to an island somewhere to commune with the fishes and sand lice.

It’s just that time of year so don’t despair.

You have a whole ‘nother year coming up to go mad in so save your tether for that.

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Pedal Petal

Aren’t personalised gifts just the best?  Especially if it’s making something you already use, something you want to use even more because just the sight of it brings one of those warm, twinkly-eyed smiles to your face and a cuddle to your heart.

Was that too mooshy?


However, I’m pretty sure that’s what happened to Janet’s face and heart when her hubby presented her Bianchi to her after its transformation from this:


to this:

and every time she rides it she feels those things because she’s seeing


and HER name instead of “Edoardo Bianchi”

Isn’t it cool?

Here are the rest of the details for your enjoyment: