The Doping Soapie

The Doping soapie continues:

David Garcia da Peña- EPO

Nathan O’Neill has been caught shopping for drugs

and Mr Lifetime Ban, two timing,  Kirk O’Bee.

Like any good daytime soapie the Contador sub-plot is adding a much needed sprinkling of humor.

Astana’s cook, Paco Ollala yesterday commented on why he had prepared food for the team.  Apparently some of the team members had complained that ‘the hotel food was bad” so Paco asked someone to “bring some steaks from Spain because the meat in France was awful’.

Cookie prepared the meals in the Astana trailer as the hotel had refused access to their cooking facilities.  Only the three Spaniard riders ate that meat and so far only Alberto was tested. To prove all of this?  Well a receipt would be handy but alas its missing.  Cookie gave it to Astana management and they? misfiled it? Sounds like one big ‘mis-steak’ to me.

I think Mr. Torri’s (Italian Anti Doping big wig involved in doping investigations of Basso, di Luca, Valverde) comments yesterday are starting to sound prophetic,  he said he believed all cyclists were using drugs and that doping should be legalised.

Or maybe they should just take a page out of the MTB book:

The last I read about doping in MTB was a 3 month suspension for Hash in 2009.

The biggest name in doping in MTB … Filip Meirhaeghe from Belgium for EPO in 2004.  He admitted it, he served his time and now he is a famous Belgium TV star and author.

At least the muddies are having fun.

The roadies just use, cry when they are caught and then throw ‘I’ll quit’ tantrums like primadonnas.

“Like sand through the hour glass ….”

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