Our (in)sane trip to Mosselbay

Remember sleep overs at your friend’s place when you were a kid?  Staying up way too late and laughing hysterically about the word “tomato” or other ridiculous things the whole night.


Nothing like complete exhaustion to send one careering over the cliff of madness.


We experienced these laughing fits twice on our trip which made it SO much more enriching and enjoyable.



So here we are riding from Greyton to Riviersonderend, still sane at this point…

20131221_063159_16 (720x1280) 20131221_065856 (720x1280) 20131221_065909 (720x1280) 20131221_072519 (720x1280) 20131221_082002 (1280x720)  20131222_072040 (1280x720)




















































































We drove the bit from Riviersonderend to Swellendam to start the next day from Swellendam instead (because damp, “plat” mattresses on a cold, tiled floor after a long ride just didn’t seem like fun)

And off we went to Honeywood…

20131222_082447 (1280x720) 20131222_084452 (720x1280) 20131222_084533 (720x1280) 20131222_093403 (1280x720) 20131222_093701 (720x1280) 20131222_094850 (720x1280) 20131222_095654 (720x1280) 20131222_111536 (720x1280)




























































































































Then Honeywood to Albertinia…

20131223_062509_20 (720x1280) 20131223_064446_20 (720x1280) 20131223_064448 (720x1280) 20131223_064500_20 (720x1280)   20131223_070433 (720x1280) 20131223_080245 (1280x720) 20131223_080256 (1280x720) 20131223_083336 (720x1280) 20131223_083407 (720x1280) 20131223_094756 (1280x720) 20131223_102827 (1280x720) 20131223_104858 (720x1280) 20131223_120524 (1280x720) 20131223_120532 (1280x720)













































































































































































































* insert laughing fit #1 here *


20131223_153533 (720x1280)






















Then Albertinia to Mossel Bay

20131224_062156 (1280x720) 20131224_064344 (720x1280) 20131224_080847 (720x1280) 20131224_084641 (720x1280) 20131224_084706 (1280x720) 20131224_084724 (1280x720) 20131224_090847 (720x1280) 20131224_093708 (720x1280)









































































































The “Danger” pic was the final photo we took along the way to Mossel Bay.


Those last 30km’s were neverending – road rambled on relentlessly so enjoying our surroundings was not on the top of our priority list, except we managed to squeeze another laughing fit in before the end, of course.  Something about losing 100kg’s and skeletons being carried around in a beach bag.


Here’s to saddle sores, and smelly socks!


Would happily do it all again.



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