A Musical Interlude

Meet “Kitty”.


We never thought Bach would ever drive us around the bend but when trying to make a line from the Prelude of his Cello Suite No.1 flow in a ribbony sort of way up the neck of a carbon fibre cello case we found our hands forming a throttling position around it.


Also!  We got a bad case of fuzz attack with this one.  Large, flat, carbon surfaces in a tiled area with a fan tend to magnetically attract all innocent fluffs floating by with such a vengeance we almost started taking it personally.


Not for the faint of heart having to re-re-re-flat and spray, when even plastic sheets covering the walls specially made for catching fluff are not as attractive as a big, pink Kitty.


Perhaps she was just trying to live up to her name…?


She was a tricky kitty that took us on a long and educational journey.  But we are quite pleased with the result.


What do you think?


Cape Town-20140611-00550




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