BMC Hand-built wheels

With the proliferation of digital commerce many people are opting for factory built wheels, many of which ride quite harshly.

Custom hand-built wheels are perceived to be expensive and too technical for the general weekend rider leaving it as an option for the elite rider.

In addition finding a LBS that can hand-build custom wheels is increasingly becoming a rarity, making this skill  a distinguishing feature of a specialist bike shop.

Owning a set of “old-school” custom wheels is satisfying in a way that ordering a pair of wheels online can never be. Ideally you should know the person who built them.

So come and visit BMC with a cup of coffee for yourself and either Kevin or Jared and discuss what it is you want out of a wheel set.  Comfort, reliability, strength, style, budget you name it.

You wont regret it, hand-built wheels are made to be maintained, not replaced even after years of abuse.

You can tip them with some brownies when you realize that you’ve just bought the best custom wheels EVER!

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