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Let’s put 2017 in our saddle bags

We’ll be diving out of this year on 22 December and rolling in for some post-holiday hellos on 3 January.

May your bikes be with you.

And then with us.

And then with you.

It’s a cycle, you see?

There’s a cycle in everything and everything’s in cycles because CYCLING is IN everything and IS cycling everything.  That’s why cycling is EVERYTHING, for some.

Perhaps you’re feeling you’ve reached the end of your tether/going a bit mad like us and can’t wait to escape to an island somewhere to commune with the fishes and sand lice.

It’s just that time of year so don’t despair.

You have a whole ‘nother year coming up to go mad in so save your tether for that.

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K A R O O B A I X 2 0 1 7


New and exciting from Stan Engelbrecht:

KAROOBAIX is a new two-day 404km stage race for modern gravel / cyclocross style bicycles through the South African Karoo on

9 / 10 October 2017.

The route is almost exclusively gravel, and range from super smooth hard-packed dirt to soft sand, sharp rocks and corrugations. The race will be semi-supported, and there will be two rest stops with good food, coffee and fresh water along each of the two stages.

The name KAROOBAIX (pronounced ka-roo-bay) pays homage the Paris-Roubaix race, the murderous European Classic that earned itself the nickname Hell of the North, and our unique, spectacular and sometimes inhospitable semi-desert region of the Karoo.

Find out more at … https://www.karoobaix.co.za/