What we’ve been up to since 11 March…

You’re probably wondering what has been happening at BMC since the Argus!  We would like to formally apologise for not having posted anything since then.

Needless to say, we’ve been busy.

Busy getting all the bits and pieces of bike related paraphernalia we’ve collected over the years organised and sorting out the guys work stations etc, basically streamlining the business so we can be as efficient as possible.  Less flapping and more helpfulness.

Busy spray painting, modifying, dreaming up new designs for singlespeeds (please see our blog for most recent creation) and fixies.  Ah yes, the beloved fixies…  Speaking of which, we can be seen and read in March “Bicycling” and April “Ride” mags with our pride and joys.

But mainly, we’ve been busy keeping you guys and ladies on the road and on the mountain and generally just on the go.

To a lifetime of cycling!

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