Tour de France – hypnotising us since 1903

So Jan Ullrich confessed to having doped at some point in his career, according to the BBC.

Reading Lance Armstrong’s “It’s not about the bike” after his recent fall from his naturally-super-human status made me doubt the truth in some of what he wrote.

But the fact remains, he still won.


Seven times.


And other dopers have most probably also won.  Whether they took drugs or not one still has to be pretty super-human to brave more than four seasons worth of elements every day for 3 weeks solid.

So here we find ourselves again hovering excitedly around our TVs, eyes glued, hypnotised by the colourful lycra-clad machines pushing themselves to the limit.  This year we’re witnessing Darryl Impey sporting the yellow jersey – a first for South Africa.  It’s enough to make grown men shout and jump about in the office like 10 year olds.

Jared says that if he took EPO there’s still no chance he’d ever even get close to winning the Tour de France so these guys must be special.


So now that we’ve heard it from the authority on all things bike, live on Le Tour!


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