Microshift Flatbar Shimano Compatible Shifting

The Microshift’s TS83-10 Flatbar Shimano Compatible Shifters

If you’re running a Shimano compatible 10-speed drivetrain on your bike and want to convert to a commuting, flat bar, road bike these new Microshift shifters gives you an affordable (aprox R550.00) alternative to the Shimano Ultegra R770s (R1021.31 at CRC)

The system has two levers and is thumb operated (think Shimano Rapid Fire circa 1990).

Availability seems to be the main issue though.  Microshift is not available on CRC.  The new shifters are not the Microshift website and the local Microshift retail outlet did not have any new info.

I have sent off an email requesting more local info directly to Microshift and await their response.

Watch this space.

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