Matt’s fly ride

You know those days when you wake up and in between gulping down your coffee/lemon water/smoothie and slinging a scarf/bag/tie on jogging out the door you think to yourself, “I could really do with something new”?

Namely, a bicycle.

Well, we aren’t really sure what the thought process was behind Matt’s decision to get a new bike but after pricing around he decided that it seemed like a better idea, all round, to completely overhaul his existing one.  To strip off it’s old personality entirely.  Thorough service, new wheels, tyres, grips and a fresh coat of paint.  He wanted it to be so different that one would be forgiven for mistaking it for something else.  Another type of machine.

Namely, a plane.

So we batted a few ideas around finally deciding on this.

Behold: Santa Cruz turned Mustang



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