Yesterday Contador, today Ezequiel Mosquera (finished second in the Tour of Spain this year) and team mate David Garcia Da Pena both failed a doping control for Hydroxyethyl Starch, also known as HES in the urine samples collected from them at an in-competition test at the Tour of Spain on September 16.

I’m so over this….

Especially after initially backing Hamilton and Landis, I no longer  hold out hope for anyone accused of doping.  Unfortunately the hard learned lesson of ‘where there is smoke there is fire’ holds true, more so in cycling than in any other sport. Even with Lance, they just need to find a test for the substance he is using.

However, Schleck, who will inherit this years Tour title if Contador is guilty, said yesterday ‘I really hope Contador is innocent’, in this instance so do I, but not because I hold a candle for Contador, only because I want Schlekie to massacre Contador in racing, not by ‘inheriting’ the title. What BS!

In the words of Phil and Paul I wanted a good old fashioned ‘Mano-a-Mano’ race and 2011’s Tour de France was shaping up to be a real humdinger, tense and exciting with two very dedicated camps backing two very capable cyclists taking each other on for the title.

And now? A shadow cast over the true abilities of Contador.

Doping sucks!

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