Bye-bye Solly

28 August marked the end of an era for us when our beloved friend,just-about-family-member and colleague Solly Jones finished off his last day at BMC.

What a great priviledge it was to work with someone who now has 30 years of experience in the bicycle industry, starting with the Lejeune factory in the 70’s, under his belt.  There isn’t an old bike under the sun that Solly couldn’t fix.  Everyone’s precious ‘old banger’ deserves some time with this man.

Jared met Solly at Soloped in the 90’s when he started working there and after spending a few years learning from Solly, Jared’s dream of opening his own bicycle shop was born.  He always wanted to work side-by-side with Solly again so a few years after opening BMC, Jared decided it was time to add him to the work-force.

He’s been with us since our days at the old Synagogue in Argyle St:

He then moved with us…

to our new premises in Aubrey St.

And what an amazing ride it’s been.

We’ll miss you Solly!  Especially those laugh-till-you-cry episodes and moments of sillyness.

All the best for the future and send our regards to all at Bicycle Empowerment Network.  We know you’ll make them proud.

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