What we do

Repairs + Maintenance

Mini Service

Road R350 | MTB hardtail R399 | MTB full sus R499

Wash frame+wheels, degrease chain+cassette+crank, gear+brake adjustment

General Service

Road R699 | MTB hardtail R799 | MTB full sus R899

Our most popular service.  Road/mountain worthying your bicycle after it’s been lying in your garage or as a post-/pre-race service to make sure it’s in perfect working condition

Includes: Wash frame+wheels, degrease chain+cassette+crank, wheel truing, gear+brake service, headset+bottom bracket+hub adjustments, bolt torque, lube and/or replace cables.

BMC Special

Road R899 | MTB hardtail R999 | MTB dual sus R1099

Ideal before or after long multi-day rides such as Cape Epic/Imana/Sani2C or if you just want to give your bike a nice treat

Includes: Wash frame+wheels, degrease chain+cassette+crank, wheel truing, gear+brake+headset+hub+bottom bracket service, pivots+seatpost+seatpost clamp+stem torquing, minor brake bleed if necessary, check tubeless solution in tyres, lube and/or replace cables.

Restorations + Spray Painting + Carbon repairs (POA)

Spray Painting

“Everything” option from a plain, stealth, matte black, machine with no branding (anywhere!) to a complete custom respray with individual art, Jared can make it happen.   Artwork mock-ups done by Mel give you a clear idea of what your frame will look like when done.  Complete peace of mind.

We also paint components like stems, bars, rims and helmets.

We have also painted motorcycle petrol tanks and components, prosthetic’s and music cases.

We don’t paint cars.


If you want to preserve the original paint work but it needs some attention.  We can touch up your bike so that it looks brand, spanking new! Come play ‘Spot the Repaired Area’ with us …


Old or damaged bikes slowly pieced back together with great care and patience. We make sure to source suitable spares in keeping with the age and look of the bike and can bring just about any hunk of junk back into the present.

Carbon repairs

Carbon repairs carry a one year guarantee and the touch-up, as far as is possible, is done so that no visible sign of repair is evident.  Almost like it didn’t happen.  Please note: some damage is not repairable (safety first!) – we will need to assess each case individually.


Other Services

Engineering |  Light engineering such as dropout manufacture, frame and pivot modification – POA

Wheel Truing/Building | also specialising in powertap wheel builds – R150/R350

Bike Build-ups  | Strip and rebuild and complete build up of new frame with groupset etc – R750/R950

Custom Builds  | Bikes modified for those with prostheses/back problems/disabilities – POA

Upgrades  | Treat your old faithful to something a bit nicer – POA

Boxing of bike for travel  |  Your box or ours – R250

Collection and delivery |  Contact Craig at Getafix Cycles

4 thoughts on “What we do

  1. Hi. I would like to know if it will be possible to re spray my bike and if its advisable. Iys brand new but i dont like the color. Its silver and i want it black. So o eother need to.sell it amd buy another color or get it sprayed.

    1. Hi Telani! Thanks so much for your message. It is always possible to respray and changing the colour just because you want to is a good enough reason to do so 🙂 Please email us at paint@bicyclerepairs.co.za with an image of your bike as it is and some ideas on how you would like it to look and we will get back to you with a quote on the cost.

    1. Hi Kayleigh,
      Thanks for your comment! Pricing is between approximately R2500 and R6000 for the spray work only, depending on the complexity of the design, how many colours are required and what the condition of the frame is.
      Welcome to drop us an email to paint@bicyclerepairs.co.za for more information.

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