Monthly Archives: July 2012

Our coffee special

Next time you bring your bike in for a service we will give you something that looks like a business card.


This is no ordinary business card.


You must take this business card with you to Vida e Caffe.


They will then give you a coffee and will smile at you and say ‘Obrigado! Have a nice day!’


This means you will not have to pay.


You have just been on the receiving end of our coffee special.


(While ‘business cards’ last)


Thank you Vida e Caffe

Hear, hear! Cyclelinks!

So on 28 May we attended a meeting held at The Josephine Mill dubbed “Green Drinks | Cycle Links” organised by a group of bike lovers/activists to talk about all the various cycling initiatives already taking place in Cape Town, amongst them Bicycle Cape Town, Cape Town Bicycle Commuter, Bicycle Portraits, RideYourCity, Moonlight Mass.  Other initiatives and ideas for cycle lanes/paths/open streets/bike gangs/bike polo were also batted around.

This month on 17 July was ‘Cyclelinks 0.2’ ( ‘0.2’ because, as Sarah Stands put it – MANY more meetings to come! ) at the ‘HUBspace’.

Main points of this inspirational meeting here – Bicycle Cape Town

The aim?  To get the greater public, not just cycling, but more active in general.  To give back to our community, our environment.  We want to have our own Ciclovia / Open streets here in Cape Town.  To be ‘Slaap Stad’ no longer.

Social media forums are a fantastic way to get things rolling.  We’ve seen this here with Moonlight Mass from 30 to 800+ within a couple of months!

So get involved.  Share your views.

On yer bikes!

Bicycles, champagne and oysters – what more could one want? Bowling?

The Oyster Festival is something that caught my fancy ever since I discovered that cold, slimy things in shells can actually be quite good with a generous sprinkling of black pepper and lemon juice.  Oysters in the left hand!  Champers on the right!  Here’s my mouth – revelling in the middle with you!  Oh, and bicycles too!

Ok, the “Stealers Wheel” version of that song is A LOT better but it was worth a bash.

So this year’s Oyster Festival is just around the bend – this weekend – and it sounds like it’s going to be all sorts of fun.  As well as having a full and half marathon, two-day cycling festival of various road and mtb events and oyster eating competitions, they also have bowls.  Not the ceramic kind, but the rolling-a-large-black-ball-around-a-patch-of-grass kind.

It’s part of the tradition, you see.  When the Oyster Festival first started in 1983 they had a marathon, rugby, squash, golf.  And bowls.

We are glad they added cycling to the mix and it seems the thousands of other people that flock to this beautiful place every year are too.

For more info, give them a follow:!/oysterfestival