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BMC Hand-built wheels

With the proliferation of digital commerce many people are opting for factory built wheels, many of which ride quite harshly.

Custom hand-built wheels are perceived to be expensive and too technical for the general weekend rider leaving it as an option for the elite rider.

In addition finding a LBS that can hand-build custom wheels is increasingly becoming a rarity, making this skill  a distinguishing feature of a specialist bike shop.

Owning a set of “old-school” custom wheels is satisfying in a way that ordering a pair of wheels online can never be. Ideally you should know the person who built them.

So come and visit BMC with a cup of coffee for yourself and either Kevin or Jared and discuss what it is you want out of a wheel set.  Comfort, reliability, strength, style, budget you name it.

You wont regret it, hand-built wheels are made to be maintained, not replaced even after years of abuse.

You can tip them with some brownies when you realize that you’ve just bought the best custom wheels EVER!

USA – Giant recalls 2011 Anthem 29ers

Not sure if this applies to the bikes sold in South Africa but according to the South African Giant website the exact same model is on sale here now.

For those of you who have already purchased this model or are planning on doing so, keep a keen look out for these cracks.

USA – 14 November, 2010

“Giant Bicycles, in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, announced the voluntary recall of its 2011 Anthem 29ers.

According to a release issued Saturday by the CPSC, the frame on the Anthem poses a risk of cracking at the juncture of the seat tube and top tube.

The CSPC notes that no injuries have been reported.

Consumers are advised to stop using the bikes until contacting an authorized Giant dealer.”

Safe Cycling

USA – FSA Recall some Gossamer BB30 Double Cranks

With so many e-bay purchases, this may apply to some here in South Africa :

November 16th, 2010

“Full Speed Ahead (FSA) is recalling some FSA BB30 Gossamer double cranks that were installed as original equipment on several bicycle models sold this year.

FSA is working with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission to conduct the voluntary recall.

If the fixing bolt is over-tightened on the non-drive crank arm, the bolt shoulder can crack or break. If this occurs, the non-drive arm can fall off.

Owners of bicycles with the affected cranks are being advised to stop riding them immediately and take the bike to a retailer where a replacement crank will be installed.

About 9,300 cranks are affected by the recall. The cranks were installed on the following bike models, sold between February and October this year:

  • Bianchi 2010 Sempre Ultegra
  • Cannondale 2010 CAAD9 5, CAAD9 5 Feminine
  • 2010 Six Carbon 5
  • 2010 Slice 4, Slice 4 Nytro, Slice 5
  • 2010 Synapse Carbon 4, Carbon 4 Feminine, Carbon 5
  • 2011 CAAD10 5 105, CAAD10 5 105 Feminine
  • 2011 Slice 5, Slice 5 Womens
  • 2011 SuperSix 5 105, SuperSix 5 105 Womens
  • 2011 Synapse Carbon 4 Rival, Carbon 4 Rival Womens, Carbon 5
  • 2011 CAAD8 5 105
  • 2011 CAADX 105 Cyclocross
  • Felt 2011 F75
  • 2011 F75X
  • Fuji 2010 ACR 1.0
  • 2010 ACR 2.0
  • 2010 ACR 3.0
  • Quintana Roo 2010 CD.0.1
  • Litespeed 2010 C3
  • Raleigh 2011 RX 1.0
  • 2010 RX 1.0
  • Scattante 2010 CFR Comp

The recalled models are either painted black with “Gossamer” printed in white on the arm or white with “Gossamer” printed in black on the arm.

The affected cranks have serial numbers beginning with 10B, 10C, and 10D. Serial numbers are located on the backside of the crank arm by pedal threads (see pictures below).

MegaExo model Gossamer cranksets and Gossamer BB30 cranksets with three chainrings are not involved in this recall.

For additional information email

For the original letter from FSA visit

DC, Burger and Lagoon Challenge

With the DC on Saturday we hope you guys are all ready, training finalised, maintenance done or in progress and wide eyed and bushy tailed in anticipation of the event.  Don’t forget your timing chip, hydrate and have great ride, we’ll see you guys next week.

For the rest of us keen fun-riders there are only two more events left this year:  The Burger on Sunday the 5th December and the Langebaan Lagoon Cycle Challenge on the 11th December.

For more details visit

Happy cycling

Cows, horses, €7300 to a good cause but will AC ride?

Over the past few weeks very little has changed in the Alberto Contador saga.  He has thrown the Spanish beef industry into the spot light with Spanish cycling magazines starting to read much like ‘Farmers Weekly’ – running headlines like ‘Spanish police uncover clenbuterol ring doping horses, livestock’  possibly adding credence to AC’s story of minute traces of the drug showing up as a result of eating contaminated steak, but probably not.

It has also highlighted what first off appears to be double standards in the UCI’s method of treating different levels of cyclists.  Other cyclists recently discovered doping have felt the wrath of the UCI’s ‘zero tolerance towards doping‘ almost immediately and have summarily been branded and banned.  What about Alberto?  UCI president Pat McQuaid, asked for patience in the ongoing Contador investigation as the World Anti-Doping Agency reviews the case.

“This is a very important case” blah blah blah. Shouldn’t all doping cases be ‘very important’?

Moving on, Johan Bruyneel  has finally been fined and suspended for the jersey swapping antics during the final stages of the Tour this year.  This was surely no surprise to him as he had already apologized publicly a week after the Tour.

In July the UCI said that because of RadioShack’s good intentions “any fines levied as a result of this matter would be donated to the Swiss League Against Cancer.”

Isn’t this a little like giving the candy to the toddler after he starts  thrashing around on the floor, as the poor dear just didn’t know how to express himself clearly and obviously had good intentions?

Lance could always stand out in a crowd and he knew that the jersey swapping antics would cause a stir and get them the extra publicity they needed. So he made the last stage of this years tour work for him.  It would after all be his “last ever” stage in the race, he had to make a statement.

Maybe I’m being too harsh.  Here’s hoping the Swiss league get the promised funds.

And finally the 2011 TdF route was revealed and it seems to be favoring the climbers.  Apparently according to the team managers there are no clear yellow jersey favorites for next year, they felt the jersey would move around the teams a bit during the 2011 edition of this 3 week race.

That being said, Samuel Sanchez felt confident of his chances and of course there are always the Schleck brothers  with Andy saying ““We want to win the Tour next year, whether it’s me or Frank”.

Ivan basso is not to be discounted either, the 2010 Giro d’Italia winner is set to focus mainly on the Tour de France next year making him a worthy rival.

Of course there is always AC, he wasn’t there for the route unveiling causing a bit of a stir, lets hope the UCI can wrap this up quickly.   Like a prego steak roll with all the extras ….