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Contador tests positive for clenbuterol By Charles Pelkey

Tour de France champion Alberto Contador has scheduled a news conference for Thursday to address reports of an apparent positive test for the bronchodilator clenbuterol.

Contador, a three-time winner of the French national tour, apparently tested positive for the drug in tests conducted on July 21, the second of two rest days in this year’s race and was notified of the result on August 24.

According to a release issued by his publicist, Contador is scheduled to hold a press conference at noon Thursday at the Hotel Las Artes in his hometown of Pinto, Spain. Contador has assembled a group of experts who will contend that the positive test is the result of “food contamination.”

“The experts consulted so far have agreed also that this is a food contamination case, especially considering the number of tests passed by Alberto Contador during the Tour de France,” the release asserted.

Contador said that a review of data supplied by the UCI makes it “possible to define precisely both the time of the emergence of the substance as well as the tiny amount detected, ruling out any other source or intentionality.”

Clenbuterol is a synthetic bronchodilator often prescribed to asthma sufferers. It is also regarded as a stimulant and has recently been used in off-label prescriptions as a weight-loss drug akin to ephedrine. The drug is on the World Anti-Doping Agency’s banned substances list and is specifically banned under Article 21 of the UCI’s anti-doping rules.

RadioShack’s Fuyu Li recently was suspended after testing positive for clenbuterol at the 2010 Tour of Flanders.

While Contador appears to be challenging the result of his A sample, he has the option of requesting and overseeing the testing of a second sample. Failing that, he risks becoming only the second rider in the history of the Tour de France to be stripped of his title because of a doping violation. American Floyd Landis was found guilty of a doping violation following the 2006 Tour.

XC Helmets at Interbike 2010

While browsing around the Interbike 2010 sites I noticed that most of the new helmets have extended rear coverage.

Like SixSixOne’s Recon Helmet aimed at the XC crowd.

And POC – a Swedish based company with their Trabec and Trabec Race mountain bike helmet.  I like the colours and all the safety and technical specs sound awesome.

I know these will be available on CRC, I just wonder if any of the ‘big’ brands will follow suit and how and when it will be received in South Africa?

Watch this space!

Nokia Bicycle Charger – REALLY?

Really?  Really!  You couldn’t check before you left home?  You could just … i dunno … not use your phone for a ride?!!!!!  I had to check it wasn’t an April Fools.  I shake my head in abject despair…

Green, I know, but really?  did you see the bicycle clamp?  That would look so great on your tit bike.

Obviously technology has vastly improved since the ‘vlou liggie dynamo’ days with settings to prevent power surges and its only compatible with Nokias that have the 2mm power jacks.  So if this is your kind of thing then its important to know that this is not yet available and Nokia are still to decide on a sale price.

For the rest of us …. Really?

And before you guys that do long endurance races get on my case this is Nokia specific if you are planning on touring or doing the freedom challenge or the epic and need something that can charge your phone, gps and ipod then best you get a “PedalPower+” charger

Still bulky it attaches to the handlebars  but the really great thing (apart from the fact that is has moved into the 21st Century) is that this charging device comes in a hub version (move over dynamo) for the more, shall we say, hardcore guys

much better.

Interbike 2010: All-carbon super-wheels from Mad Fiber By Matt Pacocha, US editor, in Las Vegas

Seen at Interbike 2010 – MadFiber make one of the best all carbon fiber wheelsets …  why you ask … “It’s a 1,080g road wheelset (60mm front, 66mm rear rims) that can max out the company’s static crush test, and thus carries no rider weight limit, but comes with a four-year warranty and, at US$2,600, is relatively cheap compared to the competition (who are asking upwards of $6,000)”

The spokes (12 front, 18 rear) are made from five plies of carbon and bonded to the hub flanges and rim walls. The outer layer of the spoke is wrapped in 12k fibre to keep it from splintering due to normal wear and tear.

For more technical info and to read the full article visit:

According to their MadFibers website you could choose MadFiber wheels for the flattest, fastest, windiest days – and not pay a price in added weight.  Wheels come with skewers, cork brake shoes, and valve extenders.

Visit their website for more info on their products, warranties and of course to purchase

mmm yummy, a weight weenie feast

Happy cycling

Why torque wrenches are a must have!

Not to long ago it was the fastners on a bike that were the weakest link.  It was fairly common to see snapped bolts or stripped threads while servicing a bike, but not anymore.

With the flood of Carbon fibre and light weight aluminum onto our shores – it is becoming far more common to see bikes and components cracking.

One hasty ‘ham-fisted’ pre-race moment and you could reduce your prized bike or weight saving component to a very expensive paper weight.

Come and visit BMC and view our multiple examples from hairline cracks to catastrophic failure – of  ‘how not to do this’

But more importantly, the results could be disastrous! a cracked handlebar could snap right off, mid ride, leaving you with bigger trouble.

Fortunately most of the essential bolts on a bike have the specifications etched right onto them making it easier for you to tighten exactly.  All you need is a decent Torque wrench and a quick tutorial on how to use it.

Although a large number of torque wrenches are available in the market BMC uses Teng Tools Torque Wrench’s and would recommend them for their reliability and Life Time Warranty.

For availability, purchase and or instructions on how to use this indispensable tool feel free to contact us.

Die Burger

Mark your calender and start counting down the number of weekend training rides left – the 5th of December 2010 is set as the date for Die Burger –  with multiple distances there is something for everyone.

The 98km is a seeding event for the Argus – so from first timers who want to be seeded to those who suffered a catastrophic engine failure during this year’s Argus the Burger is an opportunity to improve your starting time for next year.

If you are starting out and wanting to get a feel for the cycling ‘fun ride world’ this is a user friendly place to start with either the 44km or the 15km options.

With a little training and a spirit of anticipation this is a fun one.

Entries are already open and close 22 November 2010.

Safe and happy cycling

Coronation Double Century

Set for the 27th of November 2010, the Coronation Double Century, is soon upon us – by now some of the teams are finalised and the training well underway.

For late bloomers there is hope – Entries are still open – – but get cracking they are nearing the 70% full mark.

And a word from the wise on setting up the Teams …

Train as a team before the day and pay attention to the mix … there is nothing worse than mixing hardcore wannabes with weekend warriors on a sunday ride.  It messes with the mojo and everyone is unhappy

Happy cycling!

Crack attack

So, there he was, descending into Deer Park, wondering what the heck was going on with his gears when unbeknownst to him a ginormous crack was lurking behind his bad shifting.

Any further hill descents would’ve proved potentially fatal.

We dub thee “Orange Tag”

Jared has been hard at work on the sewing machine, deep into the night, furiously churning out these lovelies.  “Orange Tag” straps.

Available in large at the moment.  This means guys with normal shoes (not girly ones) or girls with large shoes (not girly ones).  Smaller ones in the making.

Pop into the shop and check them out, otherwise we’ll be trying them out at the next critical mass.  Starting from R280 for standard black straps.