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Inspired by Mark Cavendish’s ‘CVNDSH’, Nick’s surname, Clelland, disemvoweled really lends itself to a classy looking name to have on one’s bike, don’t you think?  Cervelo coming out at CRVL is kind of cool too (and so is discovering there is an official word for removing vowels and even better that that word is ‘disemvoweled’…!).

He also opted for a 3D block pattern which was tricky but rad as it got Jared weilding ye olde pen and paper to put his woodworking skills from high school days to good use.

And this is how Nick’s CRVL turned CLLLND came out:

Those 2’s are actually N’s



Mixed Sports

Nick’s original idea was to beautify his Pearl with poppies but after a few distractions and a big chunk of time he decided to scrap the poppy idea in favour of Water polo balls (a fun brain boggler to try and come up with any possible connection between those things).  So, yes, an unusual choice and not for the purists out there but we think the requested polka dot effect and colour combo worked really well.  

And what really matters is that Nick was happy.

Behold!  Polka-dotted yellow balls on a dark to light blue fade!

*cue sounds of wand swishing*

First mock-up
Accepted mock-up
Working it
Bar tape decisions


When Mercer meets Paul Smith

21 colours

103 stripes

3 days

Sounds like a preview for a movie… Perhaps it could start with an interview with Paul Smith, the inspiration behind these stripes, asking his opinion on the humble (but also not-so-humble anymore) bicycle and if these two-wheeled wotsits featured in his life at any point and, if so, would he say it was a memorable impact on his life in any way, shape or form?  And what does he think about his stripes cuddling a down tube?

Would be an interesting conversation for sure.  But aren’t all conversations involving bicycles interesting?  Of course there’s always the possibility we’re hopelessly bicycle-biased but if you’re reading this you’re probably bicycle-biased too so we’ll have to get a second opinion…


It’s all in the prosthetics

First time we’ve been given the opportunity to try out our work on a prosthetic leg and what a refreshing experience it was.  But not without its challenges.

We had a test run on a sample of the socket to see how the paint would respond to flexing and it seemed that although there was micro fracturing it was less visible with a solid, high gloss layer.  However, we were concerned that these cracks would show up more and cause splintering of the design on the high flexing areas which would not be concealed well with the chosen colours.

We also weren’t sure how the lower part of the leg would fair being baked In the oven for the paint to harden.

So after a little experimenting and confirmation that the lower half could take the heat we forged ahead, as follows:

Decisions decisions

We have found quite often that when our client enters the realm of CUSTOM – having absolute freedom of choice when it comes to colour and design – they become overwhelmed and don’t really know where to start, frequently opting for the classic simplicity of matte black or varying versions of that hue (ie. lack of light).

We agree with them, yes indeed, a fine and sensible decision.  But!  We just can’t help thinking of the myriads of colours and patterns out there!  Ripe for the picking!

But a sea of possibility doesn’t help when you haven’t had a moment to think of just ONE idea of what you MIGHT like (even if it’s something seemingly silly like dancing cats holding bowls of syllabub above their heads).

This wasn’t the case with Nic.  He had some ideas for his Mercer so these were some of the options we gave him initially:

Amazing how just the simple change in location of the patterned piece alters the whole look completely.

In the end he decided on this:

And a few weeks later this beauty emerged from the spray booth:

Which option would you have gone with?

Matt’s fly ride

You know those days when you wake up and in between gulping down your coffee/lemon water/smoothie and slinging a scarf/bag/tie on jogging out the door you think to yourself, “I could really do with something new”?

Namely, a bicycle.

Well, we aren’t really sure what the thought process was behind Matt’s decision to get a new bike but after pricing around he decided that it seemed like a better idea, all round, to completely overhaul his existing one.  To strip off it’s old personality entirely.  Thorough service, new wheels, tyres, grips and a fresh coat of paint.  He wanted it to be so different that one would be forgiven for mistaking it for something else.  Another type of machine.

Namely, a plane.

So we batted a few ideas around finally deciding on this.

Behold: Santa Cruz turned Mustang