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K A R O O B A I X 2 0 1 7


New and exciting from Stan Engelbrecht:

KAROOBAIX is a new two-day 404km stage race for modern gravel / cyclocross style bicycles through the South African Karoo on

9 / 10 October 2017.

The route is almost exclusively gravel, and range from super smooth hard-packed dirt to soft sand, sharp rocks and corrugations. The race will be semi-supported, and there will be two rest stops with good food, coffee and fresh water along each of the two stages.

The name KAROOBAIX (pronounced ka-roo-bay) pays homage the Paris-Roubaix race, the murderous European Classic that earned itself the nickname Hell of the North, and our unique, spectacular and sometimes inhospitable semi-desert region of the Karoo.

Find out more at …



We’re off to Eroica this weekend to have our brains rattled offroad on our old road bikes and eat and drink Italian style in Montagu.  The first time we’re going to be giving our ancient leather saddles and down-tube shifters a bash will be on the day so it should be interesting…

Check it out here

Goodbye 2013

What an eventful year!

Here it is in pictures:


Riding with the girls
Riding with the kids
Kitting everyone out


Moonlightmass on the train
Cape Town-20130115-00256
Checking out the tourists
Riding in the clouds
Fun on the mountain
Rocking our bikes!

























































































































Thank you to everyone who helped us make this year biketastic!


The end of the year as we know it

How to sum up a whole year?  We must say it was hard not to notice how many more people were getting around by bicycle with more and more “skedonks” resurrected from garages and scrap heaps by people who last rode a bike when they were 6, their enthusiasm reignited by the thrilling thought of exploring Cape Town at night by bike with #moonlightmass.  Thanks Elad and Daniel for bringing the cool factor back.

CycleLinks meetings got us together to see how we can make our city more commuter friendly with initiatives such as Open Streets and the Cape Town Bicycle Map.  We even got our very first green bicycle lane in Bree St.

Great to be with such a vibrant and passionate bunch!


We would like to thank:

All our loyal, bicycle-mad clients

Our fellow bike enthusiasts in the industry – Woodstock Cycleworks, Avron at Cycle Traders, Revolution Cycles, Bicycle Portraits, Velobrien amongst others

And our trusty suppliers Omnico, Dragons and Cape Cycle Systems for tirelessly trollying things back and forth for us


Refreshing holiday to you all and see you on 7 Jan 2013 (if the world doesn’t end before then)!

Critical Mass+coffee
Critical Mass+coffee
Louis de Waal speaking at the last CycleLinks meeting – participated in the very first Argus Cycle Tour in the days when it was just a tour
Some Wild Pimpin' for the ride to Gugulethu after CycleLinks
Some Wild Pimpin’ for the ride to Gugulethu after CycleLinks
Train-ing to Moonlightmass
Train-ing to Moonlightmass
Our wall makeover
Our wall makeover